The majority of WILPF International Secretariat income comes from dedicated donors and government partners

WILPF is pleased to have the assistance and support of our donors so that we can achieve our goals. To that end we neither seek nor accept donations that will impair our ability to freely address social justice issues around the world.

The global WILPF movement is comprised of a network of national Sections and Groups and the International Secretariat.

WILPF International Secretariat Financial Statements

The work carried out through the International Secretariat is organised into two legal entities, WILPF International Secretariat in Geneva and WILPF UNO Inc. in New York City. The two entities share implementation efforts.

The audited financial statements cover the operations of the International Secretariat in Geneva and its contributions to WILPF UNO Inc.

Budgets and resources for work financially managed through our Sections, Groups, and partners are not reflected in full in the WILPF International Secretariat financial statements, but only to the extent that the funds flow via the WILPF International Secretriat in Geneva or UNO respectively.

Revenues noted in the audited financial statements only reflect financial contributions from donors. However, WILPF resources extend beyond financial resources, such as human resources and significant voluntary and in-kind contributions.

WILPF International Secretariat Financial Statements are available on request. For questions or further information, please contact: