We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2020 WILPF Report: Stories of Feminist Peace

As 2021 unfolds, presenting new challenges and new opportunities, we invite you to join us in reflecting on the extraordinary events of 2020 – and in celebrating the power and progress of the global movement for feminist peace. 

Available both as a microsite and as a downloadable summary PDF, Stories of Feminist Peace 2020 highlights the incredible resilience, courage, and determination of WILPF’s global community – women and allies who persisted in their pursuit of justice, equity, and security even in the face of profound obstacles. 

And it offers a new call to action: Keep going. Our work is far from over. 

Read Stories of Feminist Peace 2020 today to learn about:

  • WILPF’s COVID-19 response, from local on-the-ground action to in-depth feminist analysis
  • Our work to advocate for a future of feminist peace in the Middle East and North Africa region
  • How WILPF’s years of anti-nuclear activism helped achieve a major milestone for global peace in 2020

And so much more! 

Read, share, join!

You can help advance the feminist peace movement by sharing our 2020 report with your family and friends and inviting them to join the conversation. 

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